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Hornet's Sting

Safe to say that the recent snowstorm that pummeled the Hills recently, seems to have ended fall rather abruptly, but with temperatures getting back in the 50s and low 60s coming up, fall isn't gone yet.

In fact, the cold temps have probably dropped the water temperatures significantly, which could spur on an even better fall bite for anglers on the water! The bite before the storm could certainly be an indication of how well a drop-in water temperature could be the rest of the fall.

While it was nice out, I managed to get back up to Deerfield again to go searching for those big rainbows. Using those same Salmo Rattlin' Hornets in size 2.5" and trolling above and along those same weedlines, in 7-9' of water, where I've been fishing at, I again had a good morning.

I didn't catch all big ones on this round, but enough to keep me coming back again if the weather permits. Those Hornets are a winning lure in my book. In the three times I've been out trolling with them up there, they've caught over three dozen fish.

For shallow water trolling, I can't think of another lure that's been so successful in a short amount of time. I imagine that using them in this fashion should only get more productive as the water temps keep dropping and the fish keep looking to feed heavily with winter approaching.

The crankbait bite is on for sure in our area and the fish are responding. If you don't have any Hornets in your inventory, you might want to consider adding a few. They run great out of the box and I have been very impressed with them and how the fish have responded to them. The sting of the Hornet rings true.

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