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Friendly Competition

Over the week-long Sturgis Motorcycle Rally this past week, a friend of ours stayed with us to enjoy the motorized festivities that the Rally entails. Jared has been coming for the Rally each of the last few years and we are always willing to give him a bed to sleep on and company throughout the week.

Like last year, I took a day off for us to hang out in the Hills doing some fishing. This year was no different, though it did become a friendly contest. We fished on a few small Hills lakes for trout and unfortunately, it was a very slow day fish-wise, with a total of 6 fish landed all day and those that bit had some growing to do.

He landed three, the rod and bobber deadstick numbered at two, and I only managed one casting. We had fun with it and his post on the day made me laugh, but I was happy he won and would rather have friends and family I take out, catch more fish than me.

It was all in fun, but it was also an educational day as I would give him info on different aspects of anything fishing related when his curiosity arose and he, in turn, gave me some good information on all things motorcycle related since I'm not very knowledgeable on anything with an engine on it.

I hope that our day out in the Hills during the Rally becomes an annual tradition as it's always a good way to catch up on our lives and families and get in some guy time. I just hope next year, the fish will be biting better and maybe a few more come my way to give him a run for his money!

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