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Enjoy Your Surroundings

The combination of heat, near-daily storms, and the resulting muddy water from the runoff has been playing havoc with fishing lately, especially from a shore perspective.

Even some bodies of water that can usually be counted on for fish fighting activity have been hard. But one of the nice things about living here in the Black Hills, is that even if the fishing stinks, there's always something wonderful to admire, something that nature gave to the area to put it into perspective.

The views, whether up-close or far away, are awesome here and provide locals and visitors with some truly one of a kind sight. It's during these moments that I can truly appreciate what makes the Hills such a special place to live and fish in, even if the fish don't necessarily agree right now.

With some stable weather on the horizon, the water should clear up and the bite should pick back up. But if you live in an area that has some great views or scenery, be sure to take a moment to appreciate or get lost in its splendor.

It can make a bad fishing day more bearable. There is more to the outdoors than bringing a fish into the boat or shore. Sometimes I think we forget that in our quest to catch that next fish or bag that next deer. We have some wonderful views in this world. Let's not forget about them.

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