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Family Fishing Time

As a newer dad on the scene, it has been a challenge to plan some family outings over the last year. Our daughter's health after her birth was a concern last summer, so we only did a few outdoors trips here and there when the weather was nice, and I wasn't working a weekend.

Over the 4th-5th last week, the one thing I wanted to do for my birthday was a family fishing trip. I'd been hoping for a trip to Sylvan to take advantage of the good bite from a couple of weeks earlier, but misjudged the time because of lunch and other plans I'd made for the evening so we took a trip to our local lake within city limits to try and catch something from shore.

It was a very pleasant afternoon to head to Canyon Lake and enjoy some time with my wife, daughter, and our two rambunctious pups. When we go there, the lake was busy with people enjoying an extra day off thanks to the 4th holiday, but we got lucky to get one of the fishing piers to ourselves.

Aurora had fallen asleep during the drive to the lake and proceeded to nap through most of the fishing while my wife wrangled Lando and Chewie to keep them from barking at passersby so that I could fish more, but it still good to have all of them with me to enjoy some sun.

I didn't hold out much hope of catching anything from shore since I'd always had better luck being on the water on Canyon Lake, but a small brown trout gave us some action to start to the afternoon, so I was hopeful. Nothing else wanted the lure, however.

But, as luck would have it a little while later, the bobber on the pole by Aurora and Melissa went down and we reeled in a very nice sized rainbow for Canyon Lake. Aurora was still sleeping so she got to have her picture taken with eyes closed much the same way as last summer when her pole had caught her first fish at barely 2 months old. One day, maybe she'll be awake to see a fish up close!

I can't wait to get out again with my girls and to a lifetime of fishing trips and other adventures with them and when Aurora is older and can start fishing for herself and reeling in her own fish, will indeed be a sweet time in my life. I'm very much looking forward to long life of fishing trips with my wife and our little girl! Now if I could only get her to stay awake for the fun part..........

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