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Mille Lacs Smallmouth

Mille Lacs is an awesome lake. You can catch quality fish of every species here.

My favorite is catching smallmouth bass. Bed fishing in June is so much fun. Finding rocks and sand in 6-7 ft is key.

On calm days, you can see black rings in the water. Some days you can see fish and others like today, where it’s windy, you look for the beds and cast into them.

They can be very aggressive if they haven’t been caught before. Just remember to release them. They will be on the beds for a few weeks yet.

If you haven’t tried fishing them like this, your missing out. Sight fishing is so much fun and man can these fish fight, launching out of the water at times.

One thing I find super cool about these fish is their red eyes. Maybe that’s why they are so aggressive.

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