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Kids, and Spring Crappies

I was done with work early so decided to run home and grab the boat. Decided to surprise the kids and pull them from school few hours early. They were excited to walk outside and see my boat!

Once we got to the lake, we quickly headed to my spot. I knew it was going to be good because it was a sunny day and the water had time to warm before I got there.

The boys started a contest who could catch the most and the biggest, it’s always a competition between them when fishing.

Using clam drop kick jig and gulp as bait they started casting out and reeling in bluegills and crappies. The excitement and the things they say crack me up as they reel in the fish.

We only had an hour, so that was the fishing tournament time they had to compete against one another. Coming down to the last 5 minutes, Blake was in the lead with 14 caught, Bryce close with 13 caught.

It was looking to be a possible tie until Bryce casted into the cattails and broke his line. Securing Blake’s 1st place finish. Bryce did however end up with big fish so they both were happy.

They only fished about an hour and lost twice as many fish as they caught. I just sat back and enjoyed a cold beverage and helped them when they needed it. Can’t wait for more days on the water.

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