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Rainy River Sturgeon

Our annual Rainy River sturgeon trip was a success. This year we stayed at Riverbend Resort in a cabin overlooking the beautiful Rainy River.

We moved around more this year than past years with all my go to spots not producing for me this year. So, we tried spots that in the past, that weren’t on the top of my list.

Few of these spots we caught fish. But for the most part we moved around a lot this year. We stayed away from the big crowds and fished away from most people.

A 4-5 oz no roll weight was enough with a short 12-16-inch leader loaded with night crawlers. We caught a few over 60 inches and a bunch in the 50’s and many little ones, with 63.5 inches being the biggest!

We also caught one in the slot limit. Man can these things put up a fight! Water was still dirty. Lot of debris in the water including many giant trees floating down the river.

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