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Florida Adventure

Mike and I went on a short vacation to get away from life for a bit. Being in another state, we had to check out what the fishing life offered.

We booked a charter with Captain Jeremy of Fished Slapped charters. Being the fair skinned Norwegian in an area that I was bound to get burnt, I needed to be prepared.

I slathered on the spf 50 on my face and neck and pulled on my Blackfish Angler series shirt and went on my way. I have to say; I was a bit leery about being too warm as I was wearing long sleeves on an 80° day.

Blackfish gear does not disappoint. I was not hot, between the moisture wicking properties and CoolCore - not to mention the CoolCore is chemical free - it kept me comfortable. Also, the 30 UPF kept me from getting burnt.

If you haven't checked out the full line of Blackfish gear, do it now, you can thank me later and if you are ever in the Tampa area, make sure to set up a trip with Jeremy. You can thank me later for that one as well. Cheers to the next hook set!

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