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Fishing River Gold

Heading down to Everts Resort on pool 4 we arrived at 6:15 am and there were only 3 spots for parking down by the river due to high water still.

Began fishing up near the dam, slow trolling at .5 mph upstream with a 1/4 oz Road Runner and Ringworms. Four minutes in boom! Nice sauger.

The next 30 minutes about 12 boats showed up pitching jigs making it difficult to follow the current seam we were fishing. We picked up and headed back down stream to some slack water.

The water temp was still 45 degrees. We found some warmer water that was 50.2 degrees.

We started using Dubuque rigs with the 1/4 Road Runner on the bottom. We started catching fish and no one was near us!

The first walleye showed up at about 11:45 am. All our prespawn walleye were caught in this warmer water. Many people pitching jigs up into the timber. But we had our best luck in 17-18 ft water for both walleye and sauger.

The next few weeks should only get better as the walleye move up for spawning. Hope to get out there soon!

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