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Review of Blackfish Zenith and Apogee Thermal Jackets

Many of us have become familiar with the Blackfish brand since it was launched last year. It's line-up of soft-shell jackets and warm weather performance shirts and hoodies have already become a valuable tool to ward off the elements for those of us that love to be on the water, whether it's open or frozen, and keep wearers dry and warm or cool.

New this spring, they've launched their line of 100% waterproof, highly breathable rain suits, which will set the standard for all rain gear in the future with its advanced features. For more information on these and other products in their line-up, be sure to visit

I have been able to test out two of their soft-shell jackets this ice season and I have been very impressed with them. Early in the season, I wore the Zenith soft-shell jacket. It is lightly insulated and very breathable, perfect for those warmer days of first ice when heavier jackets are too much, and its weather resistant shell was great against the wind.

With the coming of spring, I switched to using the new Apogee soft-shell that has more thermal insulation than the Zenith, which was a necessity since the mornings have still been cold. The extra insulation is enough, where all I need is a shirt underneath it and I've been perfectly warm with it for this late ice season.

Both jackets are very light and flexible, making them great for any outdoorsman or woman looking for a soft-shell jacket that will protect them from the elements while not bogging them down in extra layers.

These are premiums jackets that wearers will appreciate when the weather turns south. If you have a chance to look at them, be sure you try them on and see how their features will keep you warm and dry this spring while the temperatures are still chilly. Be prepared for the elements this spring. As the Blackfish motto says, "because you can't choose the weather".

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