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The Iowa Boys Canada Adventure

Year two of my good friends, Cody Mundy, James Cornell, Steven Sereg along with newcomers Marcus Sereg and Nate Harvey.

These fellows made the 10 hour trek up to my neck of the winter woods for some fishing camaraderie and a ton of snowmobile riding in the back woods of Northwestern Ontario.

Late last year I purchased a remote cabin located 20 miles in the North Arm of Rainy Lake. It’s situated near some of the best snowmobiling and ice fishing destinations in the area.

Arriving on Thursday morning we got packed up and departed for the snowmobile ride to the cabin. The plan was to get set up and fish on Rainy lake. We did exactly that. Walleyes, pike and small mouth bass were the species.

The fishing this time of year can be stellar. That wasn’t our experience this time. Don’t get me wrong we caught a ton of fish, but almost no walleyes.

Day two saw us making a remote snowmobile ride across several portage lakes to some lake trout water. We struggled to find fish and only ended up with one 10”er. Clearly I need to spend some more time on that water to learn where the fish are at. We finished the day out on Rainy lake and the small mouth cooperated for some very fun fishing.

Day three, It’s Crappie time! Another long sled ride and we were into some very good fishing. Crappies and a few walleyes mixed in.

Day four, laker time again. This time they cooperated and boy was it fun! I should also mention that my older brother Mike was along on this adventure and I couldn’t have done this without his help. He’s a trout master! Everyone caught fish and some decent ones at that! We finished out the day again on Rainy lake near the cabin. Just a few bass and pike were caught.

I should also mention the food! Boy did we eat good. I, along with my brother put together a couple of stellar fresh fish dinners. The first consisted of deep fried crappie, walleye. The second was a specialty of mine, Lemon Dill Lake trout. Done in a foil pack and cooked right on my cast iron wood stove in the cabin. Special treats indeed. Overall the trip came out great. We had many laughs with about 200 miles of snowmobiling and fishing in the wilds of Northwestern Ontario. The boys are hooked and can’t wait to do it again next year.

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