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Ice is Winding Down

The ice season is coming to an end for us and with the nice days, was fun getting out, for possibly our last trip, searching for bass. Many fish become more active with the warmer weather, brighter days and, the need to feed for the coming spawn.

Targeting bass on the ice is trial and error until you find the depth that they are using as their travel routes. Once that is figured out, meaning deeper or shallower water, then moving around at those depths fishing is the name of the game.

Once you can intercept them, as they are always moving around looking for a meal, bass are a lot of fun catching on the ice. This time of year will also yield some large fish as well and that always makes setting the hook, so much fun through an ice hole.

Jigging either the Salmo Chubby Darters or using shiner minnows, changing up between these two gives the fish a variety and over a few fish caught, you start seeing the preference that they are preferring at that given time.

Shorelines, weedlines, points and some deeper flats are places to search for these fish. Using electronics, you will tell the difference for the size of the fish compared to the marks that you were getting fishing for panfish.

While fishing for bass, you are always apt to catching other fish as well, as the perch are on the move and pike/pickerel are very active right now. Warmer days makes for very enjoyable times fishing on the ice right now but always be aware and cautious as the ice conditions are always changing.

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