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Alexandria Area Report: Late Ice River Fishing

Headed south for the day on Lac Qui Parle with Todd and some of his friends. And what a day it was, as conditions were perfect for a crappie search. From the report, the crappies were going and I've never fished this reservoir before , so I packed the gear up and headed down for the day on Saturday. The weather couldn't be more perfect for a day on the ice for some fishing and relaxation.

Once I got there, the ice conditions were okay for getting out, but the worry was getting back with the slush that would be there......right? It was, but the fishing out weighted the shower we had on the way back. It was a crappie smack down and everyone caught some BIG crappies. We were on a slight break line that transitioned from 8-10FOW and the crappies were just traveling along that break.

It took me some time to figure things out, what the crappies wanted and was being schooled by the locals for a little while as I never fished this body of water. Todd and his friends were using bigger presentations tipped with a minnow head. Of course, they told me what they were using and I switched to see if the presentation was all that. Well, I caught a couple and by that time the crappies became finicky I quickly changed to my trusty 1/64oz. Clam Outdoors Gold Drop Jig with a Red Maki Mino Tail. The fun really began and I was comfortable and confident going forward for the day. Fishing a river/reservoir brings challenges as this fish are always on the move, and they surely were this weekend. We drilled about 30 holes before we found fish coming through on a consistent bases.

We sat in a area where the crappies were coming through most of the day. Once you thought you should move to a different hole the fish would show up. So I didn't move too often and the rewards of some healthy crappies were caught. Now, Todd had his two sons with and it was just a blast watching them fish and running to help everyone when someone caught one too. Todd's sons were very good young anglers and they surely caught several crappies. The looks and the smiles were what I enjoy seeing.

Overall, the day was gorgeous with little wind, but it was the travel back to the landing that had everyone somewhat concerned. There was plenty of ice but it was the slush pockets and worries of getting stuck. Well, we made it back safely, but not without getting wet and getting an afternoon I'd say that would be the last adventure out there this year, but there will still be opportunities for other lakes before there's open water.

Saturday was what I needed, fun and fishing with friends. I have to remind myself of that sometimes, that it's all about fun and the people you can experience it with. Thank you Todd and you have some great boys that will be very good anglers for the future.

Until next time, be safe and we will see you in the outdoors!

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