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Cashing in Before the Storm

We always have heard that the fishing is crazy with an impeding storm front coming, there are some that would argue that isn’t true and others will say yes, it is. As with any opportunity to go fishing, many of us take advantage of the time that we are given on a given day.

Concentrating on the deeper lakes’ basin, the crappies weren’t hard to find but the size was the issue. Many of the fish caught were in the 10-inch range and only a couple were able to get over the 12-inch mark.

The bait combination was the Clam Drop XL in the Wonder Bread color and matched that with a Maki Butti in a light pink color. Cutting off 2/3 of the body, leaves just enough body to fit well on the hooks shank.

Water depths were typically 20 to 22 feet deep and most of the fish were being caught 6 to 8 feet off the bottom. There were some instances that fish could be caught a mere couple of feet underneath the ice.

If there were fish near the bottom, many of these were just lookers and there was no need to wasting time trying to get them to bite. With enough active feeders around, keeping on the move and drilling new holes allowed for you to keeping the catching going on.

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