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Florida Fishing

We drove 3 hours from Kissimmee to Bokeelia FL to fish with Bo Johnson. Our plan was to go out about 18-20 miles, offshore where it was only 75ft deep. It was a very windy day.

Captain Bo navigated around and in between 3-foot swells. The water splashed over the sides getting the boys wet. Saltwater running down their face and wet cloths. I was worried they wouldn’t make it the whole trip.

Once we arrived at our spot, we rigged up some spinning rods and a jig head tipped with fresh shrimp. Most the time it would get eaten before it hit bottom while catching Lane and Mangrove snappers.

Blake was fishing on the bottom and every time he caught a fish, something would eat his fish and the rod would bend over the side. He’d yell “dad I got the Goliath again!” Then his line would snap happening six times.

So, we rigged up the Goliath rod using another fish as bait. It only took few minutes before we pulled the monster from the deep. I was done after that. Talk about a workout.

Bryce was already done as his arms hurt from “reeling in too many fish” he claims. On the way back, we fished for triple tails and got hooked up once. It got cut off in the prop.

It was an awesome day that we will never forget this trip. Not once did they complain about being wet or cold or even the water splashing over them. Very proud dad moment. On the way home, we stopped for ice cream on pine island.

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