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Must Have’s

There are numerous new tools that are available in the fishing industry. Some are gimmicks, and some are a game changer. I am going to go over a few of the products that I have checked out and used this year.

The K-Drill

This product is a must have in your fishing lineup. This auger is lightweight, durable, and cuts amazing. Did I say it’s amazingly lightweight? It has made foot travel in early season so much more enjoyable. The run time on one battery is very impressive as well.

Vexilar Glo-Ring

The Glo-Ring is another must have in the fishing arsenal. Yes, the button style glower still works, however with the Glo-Ring, makes it very simple with its hands-free design. You simply drop your lure in the ring and back down the hole. A full 360 degrees with numerous lights will ensure a perfect glow every time.

Cold Snap Toothpick

The tooth pick is a very handy tool that makes it very simple to get tough hooks out. No more tearing your finger up in a fish’s mouth or having to cut your line because your hook is too deep in their mouth.

Clam Ascent Float Suit

This suit is very warm, lightweight, durable, good movability and it floats. Though you should never go on ice you don’t know is safe or not, this suit gives you a piece of mind, knowing Clam Outdoors puts your safety first!

These are a few of the new items that I have had the pleasure to use this year and highly recommend. They are sure to help you keep your lines tight.

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