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Alexandria Area Report: Riding the Break Line Express

Well, as we all know that this is the Minnesota Deer Opener and you can definitely tell by the empty parking lots at the landings. And that is a great feeling if your an angler. It gives you the opportunity to just take your time getting the boat ready, and to scout areas before ice up.

Scouting for areas before ice up is one of the things that I'll do just before I put the boat away for the winter. What are some of the things that I look for before ice up?

1-Look for locations on the break line, and what break line that is holding the most fish. 2-Depth of fish. 3-Size of schools.

From year to year, I have logged you will have your common areas or community spots, but every year there is always new spots that fish migrate too and those can be your go to spots for first ice. That is why scouting now is key so the work is easier for first ice.

What I found this weekend was that the crappies and bluegills were cruising the break lines. And they were deeper from a week ago, which is normal as the temps. get colder. They were 18-25 FOW this week and 29-35 FOW this weekend. What a difference a week makes, but it is getting colder and we are losing day light fast. Water temperature was 42 degrees this weekend so it won't be long before we can walk on water.

Presentations that worked the best were the new Northland Fishing Tackle Glo Jig. I caught several crappies vertical jigging with them and last ice season we had the opportunity to use them for walleyes. They are going to be money on the walleyes, crappies, perch and smallmouth through the ice. Plus, you can use them in open water as well. Be sure to check them out for this upcoming ice season.

The other presentation was the Salmo Chubby Darter. It's simple to use, but deadly for crappies in the fall. But not just for fall also, summer and winter times too. It's a great presentation if your vertical jigging.

Open water has come to a close for me and the boat is put away, I'll be getting ready for ice fishing. In the next report I'll be going over ice prep. and gear selection.

For all the hunters this weekend, I hope everyone is safe and got their tags filled. Until next time, be safe and I'll see you in the outdoors.

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