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Fall Fishing Setting Up

Finally, the heat of summer is leaving and with the cooler nights, the water temperatures are going down as well for creating the fall fishing mood for the fish. With heavy rains of late, the river fishing is picking up with more current happening.

This sets up how and where you want to target the fish and with which baits that work for the situation that is happening. Fall time means, crankbait fishing and with the added current, the fish should be in a biting mood.

This river has several trees that have fallen into the shorelines as well as locations that have a fast dropping shoreline. Targeting the areas in between these trees has been the most productive for finding the active fish.

Keeping the boat 20-25 yards off the shoreline, casting the bait perpendicular to the boat and a steady slow retrieve has been the most productive. Been using the NEW for 2019, Salmo Square Bill #5 in the Blue/Yellow pattern.

Smallmouth were the targeted fish and was catching them in all different sizes. Then a surprise Northern Pike bit the bait, we don’t have many waters here that have pike in them and now that I was starting to catch these fish, switched over to catching them.

Fished this river for 2 days and found one stretch that had a combination of these two fish. After working the stretch, would motor back to the beginning of it and do it again and each pass that was made, was still catching both fish.

Was fun catching some of these bigger pike and you knew as soon as the hit happened as to which fish you had on. If there is current happening, think this pattern will continue and the water temperatures dropping are going to help as well.

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