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Summer Patterns Ending

Finally, the cooler weather is starting to come in on a more regular basis and cool nights means that the waters are finally starting to cool off. But, with the water temperatures still high yet, that means the summer patterns are still holding for the immediate time.

Finding fish on deep structure still is working and by deep structure, meaning, underwater humps and grass edges. These humps can top out at different depths, but the more key areas are the transitions from the base of these humps going out into the deeper water.

These transition areas are also where the weeds will start thinning out. The weeds from the top of the hump, down the sides, are thick and the bottom of these humps is where the thinning starts and turns into ambush and avenues for the fish’s movements.

Fishing these transition areas is very productive throughout a good portion of the day as there is always some activity, baitfish, other fish searching, that keeps these areas moving. Fishing them is simple as you bring your bait through, you will know exactly where this weed line is and can concentrate more specifically.

Jigworms have been working well for fishing these areas, Clam Outdoors Drop Tg tungsten jig with the Northland Fishing Tackle Impulse Nightcrawler. Having the boat positioned on the shallow side and casting out into the deeper waters. Working this bait back towards or down the face of this transition area, allows the fish time at seeing the bait and reacting before it comes back into the weed face.

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