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NEW from Vexilar - The “Glo-Ring”

Charge Your Glow Lures in Just Seconds

Several of the jigs that we fish with these days have the glow paint on them for added fish attractants, especially for deeper and darker colored waters. Typically, we would carry along a camera flash or a small flashlight to recharge these baits and this can be cumbersome, to say the least as you would need to hold these in one of your hands.

When you need to recharge your lure, which can be anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes between jigging times, this shows you that having a handheld charger, can be cumbersome, especially when fishing outside and having gloves on.

Vexilar is releasing a NEW product called the “Glo-Ring”.

The “Glo-Ring” will recharge your glow jigs in a full 360-degree ring with 18 high intensity UV Leds allowing for covering all your lures paint for each recharge. With this design, all that is needed to do is drop your lure into the ring for a second or so and you are back to fishing again, very simple.

With each lure that is fished with, the color of the glow, the paint itself, the age of the paint, these will all contribute to factoring in the amount of charge time that is needed, but only a few drops of your bait and you will know what amount of time is needed for recharging that bait.

Mounting applications, you can use the existing rod holder mounting hole, the “Glo-Ring” has the same mounting feature for that same compatibility. Also comes with a bracket that will mount easily to a flat surface, like inside a fish house or onto the hole hopper bucket frame.

It has an on-off switch, so you can have it on all the time or shut it off when you don’t need it. Alligator clips for connecting to the battery power source which only draws 140 mA of power. The “Glo-Ring” is water resistant and has been cold weather tested to -40° F which means that it can be used year-round.

Fishing is always evolving and here is just another item that makes your fishing that much easier. Lightweight, rugged and always ready for use, is what we expect from our equipment and Vexilar once again has stepped up and offered anglers another new item for making anglers fishing experience that much more enjoyable.

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