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Welcome the Newest Future Outdoors Woman

In June, my wife and I were blessed to welcome into this world our first child, our daughter Aurora. Initially, she had a few health concerns and was required to be on a couple of transportable machines, but we are happy to say that she has gotten off oxygen and only needs another monitor for at night while she's sleeping, which will also soon be gone.

She's been quite the little trooper and is getting bigger and healthier with each passing week. I'm very much looking forward to raising her in the outdoors and instilling the same values that my wife and I have regarding it. She's already caught and released her first fish after all!

Our kids are the future of our outdoor passions that we love and try to protect. I've always enjoyed working with kids to instill the same passion and respect for it that my dad raised me with and I am grateful that I will now could do the same with my daughter in the years to come.

It is important that we, as outdoors men and women, do what we can to ensure that the opportunities we enjoy now are still available to our kids and their kids after that. It is a precious resource that we get to enjoy, and we need to make sure that children understand that it can go away if it is not protected and what fun would it be if Aurora couldn't go fishing or hunting once she is an adult with her kids.

I feel truly blessed that my wife and I have a chance to continue our passions with her. Welcome to the world Aurora Leia Olson! And here's to a lifetime of tight lines and outdoor adventures.

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