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Patterning Muskies

Muskies have many different patterns and can be found using different structures throughout the season. This can make it difficult at times to locate and for catching them. Musky fishing is always a puzzle that takes time to put together. However, when all the pieces align, it is very rewarding!

No matter the time of year, the most important part of musky fishing is putting time in on the water. This allows you to figure out what type of structure they are relating to and what baits they prefer at that time.

Fish numerous structures until you locate a fish. Once a musky has been located, dissect that area and figure out other areas on the lake that are similar.

This past week, we were on a trip up to Canada and figured out the pattern. The five fish we caught were all off the same structure, shallow bay reefs with flat faced rocks and wind hitting the face. It took us a little time to figure it out but once we did, it was game on!

Put your time in, figure out the pattern, catch muskies!

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