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Bluegill Fun

One of the most fun fish to catch is the sunfish or bluegill. Their short body size is deceiving for how hard they fight, and those proportions will have this fish as one of the hardest fighting in the freshwater.

There are a variety of ways of catching them, the most fun is with a jig and a float. Using the Clam Dropkick jig and hanging the jig in a horizontal position, adding the Maki Mino XL offers a large tantalizing combination.

By having the jig and plastic hanging horizontal, you can use a light cadence jigging action, and this will make the Mino tail quiver while enticing these fish into biting. Some days, you may have to alter the way the jig hangs, but with endless options for setting this up, should make for a fun day of catching these hard fighting fish.

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