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Shallow Early

When it comes to spring time walleye and perch, I'm thinking shallow. This time of year, the fish are all finishing up their spawn and are looking for a place to recuperate and find an easy meal. The shallow water has both warm water and lots of bait.

I find that the best spots are those that are near river inlets that hold structure. My favorite structure to fish this time of year, is the old reed beds that have not yet broke the water in about 4-6' of water. This is amazing structure that provides protection and holds a ton of bait.

I have found the best presentation is a Northland Fishing Tackle Stand Up Jig tipped with a fathead. If you are going specifically for walleyes, than I like to use spot tail shiners. Pitch that jig down the outside edge of the reeds and work it back slow.

It doesn't get much better than early season, shallow water jig fishing.

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