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Kids first time in the boat this spring

I finished my crappie tournament with lots of fish and a sunburn. I headed home to grab the kids, as it was a beautiful day out. Instead, we headed to a different lake.

As we approached our fishing spot, we were greeted by redwing blackbirds, frogs croaking, and other wildlife that you could hear crashing through the dry tall grass.

The kids were on edge pointing, look or did you hear that? We rounded the corner to meet a couple of angry geese as we scooted by their nest. We started catching fish immediately using Northland Fishing Tackle Firefly jigs.

No hogs this time! But we didn’t get much time to fish before a storm blew in with lots of lightning. As the sky started darkening, I decided to head back after only 1 hour. Bryce navigated us through the channel to deeper water until I took over and raced back.

We did end up getting the boat loaded before the wind picked up, but the storm just missed us. I taught the kids that lightning is something you don’t mess with on the water!

We cut our trip short and went and got appetizers and kitty cocktails. Played Buck Hunter and of course, a fishing pinball machine.

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