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Foraging Morels

The Morel Mushroom is one of mother nature’s finest tasting delicacies. These little gems are not easy to find but when found the reward is well worth it.

Morel Mushrooms are a very particular fungus. There are a lot of elements that must align just right for them to grow. Ground temperature and moisture are very important. Morels need ground temps to be in the 50's and need a good amount of moisture to grow.

I like to look in low areas that hold a good amount of moisture and are thick with ash and elm trees. They really like to grow on old decaying trees and moss, so keep an eye on these areas.

When to look for morels? I have always related picking morels with Minnesota walleye opener. Fiddle Ferns starting to unfold is a good sign that morels are popping. Also, when oak tree leaves are about an inch big is also another sign they are ready.

Get out in the woods and find yourself some of the finest tasting forage Mother Nature has to offer.

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