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Finding the time

Being a father of two and working 40 hours a week, it’s not always easy to find the time for fishing. Luckily, I am fortunate enough to have a daughter who loves to fish, “Hailey” and a son who is well on his way, “Fisher.”

I got my daughter started on fishing before the age of 2 and she has loved it ever since. Finding numbers to keep her active has always been the key to her having a good time and keeping her interested in my passion. Not to say she doesn’t catch big fish as well, having 2 personal bests that top even my own, “Northern Pike and Perch.”

One of my favorite lakes to bass fish recently had a crappie explosion. With big bass for me to chase and a huge number of crappie for her, it was the perfect lake for a memorable day. I set her up with a Maki Plastic “Pink Craigi” on a Clam Outdoors Drop Kick jig with a slip bobber. Cast after cast she hammered the crappie, it was all I could do to keep up taking them off the hook.

I eventually was able to sneak in some bass and crappie fishing myself. I put on a 5-inch fluke with a 4/0 hook, and worked the shorelines, and any cover I could find in the water. I caught several nice largemouth and even found a nice crappie hiding under a log using the Craigi.

Kept the little man in the shade with a bug net while he napped, but he did manage to wake up briefly to get his first fish picture with daddy.

When time is short, make the most of it. Take a kid fishing and share the passion! I have always been thankful that my father took me fishing as a kid. Most memories fade, but I remember every detail of days of fishing with my dad and I hope to have that same impact on my children.

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