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DNR Trout Raising in the Classroom

Headed down to see if I could catch some trout. As I arrived, I noticed a field trip with many middle school kids and a couple DNR.

The students were from Minneapolis South, so I stopped and introduced myself. They were there to release around 150 fingerling Rainbow Trout they had raised in the classroom.

I helped release a few as well. They learned about the importance of keeping the water clean to soil erosion. The students even had a few questions for me that I answered.

I even went and caught a rainbow trout that was about 11 inches that the students were interested in seeing how much different they look than the fingerlings they raised. I answered questions about what I was using and how I caught them. It was a great experience.

I only caught the one trout as I spent most my time helping with the release of the trout. It was so worth it.

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