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Open Water Season is Upon Us

With a cold spring, delaying the warming of local waters, finally able to get a boat into the water and get the open water season underway. Waters are still only in the 40’s, winds are constantly blowing, but casting a long rod, makes it all worth finally getting started.

Species being targeted were crappies, the spawning flats haven’t even gotten close to the magical temperatures yet. Targeted the breaks outside of these areas, but couldn’t locate any of these schools. Fishing with Clam Pro Tackle’s Drop-Kick Jig tipped with red plastics, seemed to be the combination for the fish that were biting.

Weeds are still green in 4 to 8 feet of water and fishing these areas were yielding some bluegill and perch with a couple of pickerel thrown in. Winds have been blowing all spring, making it tough to concentrate on a specific area.

This spring has really been a cold one, winds are relentless and staying warm is a must for being out on the water. The clothes you wear need to cut the wind as well as keeping your core warm, BlackFish Gear has you covered for those needs. Using their softshell bibs and Zenith Jacket, with this combination, being on the water, is a life saver for weather protection.

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