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Canadian Adventure

Chasing Lake Trout and Splake through the ice is hands down one of my favorite choices of fishing! This past week I got to do just that as we went on our annual true Canadian Adventure.

After many miles, numerous portages and heading deep into the Canadian Territory, we found ourselves hidden way back on two lakes that hold Trout, Splake and Pike.

We found our success this week in shallower water for Lake Trout in 20'-30'. Trout are where the bait fish are and with the warming weather, the bait is starting to move shallower. I was using the Northland Mimic Minnow Tuff Tube.

These tubes are by far the best tubes I've fished with. They have finer strands on the bottom that give them an unbelievable action when jigged. They are made of a strong silicone and hold up very well when eaten.

The Splake were in deeper water from 45'-55' deep near downed trees off shore. They were going crazy over the smaller sized Clam Flutter Spoon tipped with a minnow.

We pulled some dandies this week!

Canada is a fisherman's playground with so many "off the beaten path lakes". There are many untouched bodies of water holding big fish just waiting for you to discover them!

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