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Sight Fishing Splake

Over the weekend a good friend and I decided to try something different. We wanted to experience something new, new lake, new technique of fishing and new memories came along with it.

The lake we targeted was walk-in only, with quite a difficult trail access with a couple different steep hills, which made us pack as light as possible. We got to the lake at 5:30 A.M., pulling our flip over house out to where we wanted to fish, and cut a sight hole.

Fishing started off slow and after it got light, I couldn’t stand not moving around a little bit, and I’m glad I did. The two of us spread out to cover more water and we hooked into two nice Splake in a short amount of time.

We moved the house and cut another hole to find ourselves looking into a sandy and rocky bottom about 7 feet down. It wasn’t very long and we had nice Splake eyeing up our jigging spoons by Northland Tackle tipped with a salted minnow head.

Some of the fish we caught came in suspended and others hugged the bottom. It was interesting to watch how the fish reacted to certain jigging techniques, we could easily react to the fish’s mood.

It was an awesome day to be on the ice trying “new” things. I challenge everyone to try something “new” whether it be fishing or hunting.

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