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Alexandria Area Report High Pressure Bite

The difference a week makes in the weather and it was a tough bite this weekend. High pressure and cold bitter temperatures certainly changed the way the fish reacted, but you can still catch fish if you have patience. And if your willing to do some presentation changes. We had a few things to accomplish and we got it done. First we need to find some fish and active ones too, then we filmed a segment with Mike Raetz from Clam Outdoors on ways to use your tackle more effectively.

So check out the new segment on our youtube channel HSM Outdoors

So, what were the fish doing during this high pressure day? While, the bite was tough, we caught several nice crappies and gills by down sizing our presentations. Using the under water camera, we saw what the fish were doing and the mood of the fish. They were very close to the bottom at times and during the day we watched how they started to get active. That was our time to get them while the iron was hot. Several gills and crappies were caught by Mr. Raetz using the Clam Outdoors Drop-Kick Jig using a Maki plastic. It's really fun listening to a different perspective on how to use a jig from a tournament angler like Mike. Always

changing they jigs, colors of jigs and the plastics in order to catch fish. Rich is also a tournament angler and does a lot of things different to catch fish as well, and I can say that my style is completely different. But I will try the things that they do to catch more fish. This is why I love fishing, you never stop learning of ways to catch fish.

Like I said, the fish were somewhat negative in 20-25FOW and we were able to find some deep weeds and worked that area for the day. The ice is in great condition with 18-22 inches with some snow. Looking ahead, the weather looks to improve with warmer temperatures and a more stable pattern which will improve fishing. At times, I feel like a weather man watching the patterns from day to day and even week to week so we can get the reports and filming segments that we do. That is what makes it fun and that is what it is all!

Remember to practice selective harvest and always remember to take a youngster in your next outdoor adventure, Until next time, be safe and we will see you in the outdoors.

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