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Hardwater Lakers

Lake trout are one of the top predatory fish that swims in fresh water. Their aggressive mentality and mobility in the water column, make them one of the most exhilarating fish to catch.

Watching lake trout chase your bait on a Vexilar is something everyone should experience.

Where to find Lake trout? Lake trout are aggressive predators that like to chase and corner their bait. Lake trout can be found on numerous structures, however my best success has come finding saddles between islands or points that are near deeper water.

What depth? I like to find saddle areas that have a gradual incline going from 80' up to 40'. I punch holes in various depths within the saddle. Hole hopping will increase your odds of finding where the Lakers are located. Also make sure to work all depths of the water column. Stay mobile.

Try many different areas when searching for lake trout. Many times, they travel in packs and where you find one, you may find more.

Lure selection. Remember trout are very active in the water column, they love to chase. Using heavier lures is important for reeling and dropping, such as the Clam Outdoors Super Leech Flutter Spoon and weighted tube jigs.

Lake trout are an amazing species and usually are in beautiful country. Get out there and try bringing a few Lakers topside!

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