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Night Time Crappie

Right before dark, the boys get all excited. They know it’s time for the crappies to turn on!

They run outside to shut the generator off, then the TV and the lights. Whispering and the hum of multiple Vexilars is all that can be heard in the fish house.

Sitting in the dark listening to them saying “oh…oh…oh, he’s going to bite it Dad” as they wait patiently staring at the spring bobber, “Got him!”

But getting those tight-lipped crappies to bite can be frustrating. Downsizing can sometimes coax a few of them slabs into biting. I like the Clam Outdoors Drop XL 7/64 with a red spike.

The boys were glowing them after every fish and sending them back down. Then again “oh…oh…oh, here one comes“.

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