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Northern MN Crappies

With the weather being as cold as it is, it makes it hard to get out on the ice. However, I couldn’t stand being stuck inside, so me and a buddy decided to brave the temps and chase some crappies.

We headed to a lake we are familiar with because we knew where to fish them and we can setup the house and stay on the fish. We went out to the spot and drilled a total of 10 holes and had fish on the screen.

We setup the house and started catching some nice fish, it wasn’t hot but it was steady enough where we got our fish within a couple hours and we released plenty of other fish as well. We found the best presentation was the Clam Outdoors “Caviar Jig” tipped with a red or pink Maki plastic, no live bait needed.

It was nice to get out on the ice which we found was about 13” thick in that spot, however, it can vary from place to place so use caution when heading out. It was a great morning to be on the water!

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