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Fishing with Technology

There is no doubt that the new technology in today's fishing world has made things easier on our generation of anglers. There are new advancements being created every year to help anglers be more successful.

There are a couple of key tools I use that help myself be more successful! One of my favorite ways of finding new lakes to fish is the use of the local netting reports that MN DNR puts out every year.

Looking at these reports helps me determine which lakes have the numbers and size of the species I am chasing. I than tie these reports in with my Navionics app to help zone in on the areas that I believe the fish will be concentrated in at a certain time of the year.

Underwater cameras and Flashers have made leaps and bounds from when they first started.

More defined settings and portability have made the use of these much easier. Fishing suits, such as the Ice Armor by Clam Outdoors make bearing the cold weather much easier, allowing fisherman more time and mobility on the lake.

Use the new technology that is available to help make your fishing season one to remember.

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