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Revisiting Favorites

Every fisherman has their favorite go to lakes that provide a great bite. Unfortunately, these gems become discovered by others and obtain more pressure than one desires.

Once the word gets out, it can deplete the population in a quick hurry. With the gaining interest in the ice fishing world, this is happening more and more and it can be very frustrating.

One thing to keep in mind is that the lake is good for a reason, whether it's the forage that is present or the vegetation that provides for great spawning. Even if the

lake gets a lot of pressure, it's tough to completely fish the whole lake out and overtime the lake will heal itself!

I like to revisit these lakes from time to time checking in on what the remaining fish have done over the years. It's proven to be successful. In fact, in some cases, I've seen it be beneficial to the average size of the fish in the lake.

Never give up on your favorite spots. Revisit them from time to time and they will continue to be your favorites.

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