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Sight Fishing Panfish

Catching fish through the ice is always fun, but, when you can watch them swim up to your jig and inhale it, that makes it even more exciting!

Watching the red mark close in on your Vexilar and having the ability to watch how a fish reacts to your bait and how your jig moves is priceless. It gives you a better understanding of why your flasher blinks, changes color, and how the fish is reacting to your presentation firsthand.

It’s valuable information that can help you to adjust your cadence and become a better fisherman. The perch, crappie, and gills all reacted quite differently.

Watching the flasher and seeing the mark fade in and out and at the same time seeing the fish in real-time, I could dial in just what enticed them to bite. Drilling two holes overlapping gives a much greater viewing area to observe the fish.

We also saw a few big schools of carp swim by and watch the flasher, it looked like a bunch of interference. Next time you see that, you just may be seeing a large school of fish.

I can’t imagine how much better we could have seen the fish had we been fishing out of Clams Stealth Series houses.

Remember to put some sticks or mark the holes before you leave with all of that valuable information for your next outing.

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