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Weekly report: Metro area

We don't have fishable ice quite yet in the twin cities. The weather is looking promising and it shouldn't take long now. This is the perfect time to get your gear out and give everything a good "once over".

Re-spool reels with fresh line. Check the drag and grease to make sure they are in good order. Organize your jig box. I like to separate my panfish jigs by tungsten and lead, I also separate my walleye tackle from panfish tackle.

I like to travel light so there is no need to bring walleye spoons when you are targeting panfish. Also, make sure your Vexilar is in good working condition. The battery should have a good charge on it.

Check your auger. If you have a gas auger, make sure that your fluids are fresh and it runs properly. There is nothing worse than pulling and pulling and you must ask someone to drill your holes for you.

Hopefully you checked out your Fishtrap or hub shelters before it got too cold out. Make sure it is functioning. I like to apply a dry silicone on the poles and slides of my fish trap. It really helps adjusting the poles. It also prevents corrosion.

Most importantly, we always stress safety equipment. Make sure no matter if it's early ice, mid-season or late ice, bring safety equipment! No ice is safe ice. A life jacket, ice picks, spud bar, throw rope and a whistle are a must have when you venture onto the ice.

Taking care of your gear will ensure a good outing when you venture out. Be safe and make good choices.

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