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Home Built AR

I have always wanted to own an AR style rifle, but the prices ranged from $600.00 to $2,000.00 for a rifle just take to the range was unreasonable in my mind.

After talking with other gun enthusiasts and looking on the inter-web, I found that I could purchase all the pieces I would need to do my own AR build.

I found the upper receiver and butt stock that I wanted, along with the trigger assembly and buffer spring. The most important part of this whole project is the lower receiver which you can purchase from your local gun store.

State and Federal Laws need to be followed with this part of the process, which your gun dealer will have this information available for you.

This was an afternoon project for me but depending on your mechanical skills and ability to follow instructions, the time to complete the rifle will range for each individual. This build set me back roughly only $300.00, but I own the necessary tools to complete the job.

The best part of this build is knowing that I built my own rifle from a pile of springs, pins and some pretty cool pieces. The final piece of the puzzle was to test fire the rifle.

After shooting a few rounds thru it to ensure everything was working correctly, the next stop is the range to zero in the sights. There will be more to come, such as enhancing it with optics, but that is for another time and story.

Remember, "keep your powder dry"

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