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Late season Giants

As the rifle season ends, many hunters are accepting defeat of chasing a wall hanger. MN rifle season usually falls within the peak of the whitetail rut and offers a great opportunity to find a big buck out of their norm.

However, over the years of chasing whitetail, I have found much success outside of this time frame. Bow hunting and muzzle loading allows for an extra opportunity to harvest deer.

With the weather patterns, the way they have been the last few seasons, it has been turning the rut into more of a trickle rut and extending it past the rifle season. I have been seeing rut activity carry on through until almost December. This can vary from area to area based of the different weather patterns.

Also, as the rut starts to fizzle out, the bucks that have been chasing hard are starting to transition back into more regular feeding habits to make up for all the energy they expended during the rut.

If you are in search of one for the wall, don't limit yourself to just the rifle season! Get out there and get after them during some of the best hunting.

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