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Early Ice “EYES”

Well I just got back after a couple of days "up north" on Upper Red lake, near Waskish, MN. Red lake is known for its great early ice fishing and many anglers retreat up to Red lake in hopes of finding the infamous Minnesota Walleye, and lots of them and they are looking in the right place.

The fishery is simply amazing!

So, we went out on the South shoreline, being very familiar with the lake, we knew we had to get away from everyone else, find the top water structure and give it our best shot and we did just that.

The fishing was somewhat steady, with a couple lull periods, but that was to be expected. One of my favorite lures on this lake is the Clam Outdoors "Ratllin blade spoon" in pink and flake gold on the back, it sure had seen a lot of walleyes the last few years.

It seemed like jigging with just a minnow head was the best presentation that we found they liked best. We got our fair share of fish and had a great time with close friends and family.

If you are planning on heading up to Upper Red lake, make sure you check in with the resorts before heading up, and as always, be careful on the ice!

Good luck!

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