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Cold Water Bass

More and more of our lakes are becoming void of activity as the weather is cooling off quickly, hunting seasons are underway and hints of ice fishing is coming very quickly. For those that are still out on the open waters, the fish are feeding and why not take that opportunity at catching them.

With the water temperatures dropping, the bass have been moving up to the shorelines looking for easy, pre-winter meals. If there is some sort of cover there, rocks, weeds or tree branches, these areas hold the baitfish and this factor draws the bass to them.

With the colder water temps, covering water is a great way for locating areas that are holding these fish. Casting crankbaits shallow, allows you to cover vast amounts of water quickly and this puts the bait in front of more fish.

Short casts seem to work very well, cast the bait right up next to the shores edge, and reel out into 5-6 feet of water. If you can knock the bait off of some cover, this will entice these fish into biting. Many say that the cooler water temps have the bass lethargic, at times maybe, but these fish are feeding and you may also catch some of your biggest fish of the year.

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