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Twin Ports Report Oct 20 2017

We have had some nice day time temps, making for beautiful days this last week. We are loosing leaves on our trees at a rapid pace now and it wont be long until you can see more clearly into the woods. Water surface temps are holding onto mid 50's for the most part, but some waters are dipping down and some are staying into the 60's depending on where you are. The waters that were gushing out of the rivers and tributaries are coming back to normal now that the rain has slowed down. Fishing in the northland, continues to be good for most the popular fish in the area. Except of course Lake Trout, which have closed on Superior until December.

Lake Superior is having some decent SmallMouth and Walleye angling happening in the Chequamegon Bay areas. Casting near slough areas where the water is warm has been hit or miss, but the deeper transitions of 25' have been good. It's likely that you will find success for both Bass and Walleyes in these areas. North Shore and South Shore continue to have minimal reports.

Stream fishing is in full effect and plan to see the rivers hosting anglers at most bends. Fresh Steelhead are coming in and anglers are looking to intercept. Best tactic has been float indicators with an X pattern. Some anglers are still finding success casting small spinners as well. Flatfish are also taking a fish here and there. Steelhead are about as unpredictable a fish your going to find, so if the tactic your trying is not working, try something else.

St. Louis River is seeing some angling pressure and putting out a few nice walleyes and crappies. Jig and minnow have been a good bet targeting areas near structure or channel turns. Don't be afraid to pitch shorelines with heavy vegetation.

Muskie angling has been getting better with lots of reports of follows. Still waiting for the water temps to continue to drop though. Clean up projects on the lower sections of the St Louis Bay and Harbor are still in full effect. Its also worth mentioning the Oliver Bridge traffic will continue to be closed on weekdays from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm through middle of November.

In-land lake fishing is still going strong. Especially for Large Mouth Bass. Wacky worm rigs and other plastics are working with pitching weed cover and docks. Lots of homeowners have already removed summer docks, so resident fish have relocated to new areas. Panfish are going in the 10-15 feet of water with 1/16 oz jigs, ice jigs or slip bobber rigs. Some anglers are seeing great crappie catches.

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