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Shallow Water Smallmouth

Smallmouth in the weeds? A technique I’ve never personally pursued but I’m happy I did give it a go. I found some okay fish but also found a true biggin’. I have fished for smallmouth for years and I’ve over looked this for years, but I plan on targeting these type of fish more often.


Spinnerbait, Frog and Senko

Spinner baits will come through some thick vegetation and are a truly overlooked “basic” lure. Experiment with colors and presentation. Spinnerbaits are a multi species bait so don’t be surprised when a pike or walleye take the bait.

Frog fishing is what got me hooked on bass fishing. Using a hollow bodied frog is always a good idea, but sometimes, you need something more action like a Stanley Ribbit Frog that makes some noise on the water surface.

You should always let the fish let you know what they want and don’t be afraid to switch it up. A Senko is for the weed edges, sometimes rigged Texas style or wacky style.

This bait is a killer and if you like throwing a Senko, you should invest a lot of time into your specific preference. When I want to skip docks, it’s always Texas style, but wacky rigged can be truly deadly!

Never over look new opportunists or learning experiences! Every single time you hit the water, you can learn something new. Personally, I’ve known people that can catch smallmouth in vegetation, but until this week, I’ve never pursued them. Sure glad I did!

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