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Fall is in the Air

Finally, the temperatures are getting to where they are supposed to be for this time of year. That means that the water temperatures are finally going to start dropping and that in turn will get the fish into their fall feeding mood.

Our fish are still relating to the deeper water and haven’t moved towards the shallows yet. Finding structure is key as to where the fish have been positioned and also finding schools of baitfish is a key factor.

Trying something new on this trip and that is fishing with a Spybait. A spybait, is a sinking minnow imitator that has a 3 blade prop on the front and a 2 blade prop on the rear and they are opposite in their rotation creating a unique sound when retrieved.

We were able to find a couple of good schools of jumbo perch relating to the deeper points. Casting this bait out and letting it sink almost to the bottom, with a steady retrieve, the action of the props and the bait were representative of fleeing baitfish.

These baits have some weight to them as well and you are able to cast them a long distance and this allows you to being able to cover good amounts of water. As the temperatures drop, fishing can only get better and by employing a variety of different baits, this will keep you catching as well.

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