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Fall Frogs

There’s no doubt I love being outdoors, but what I love most about it is spending time with my family. When your side kick is a three-year-old, there’s no doubt chasing frogs in shallow water is sure to spark his interest for hours on end. The chase can even be rather entertaining and hilarious to say the least.

What do you need? Well, first check our local and state regulations since most states have a season on bull frogs. I’ve found the best tool to use is a fly rod with plenty of back bone to lift the big frogs over the reeds. I use a Cabela’s series nine foot seven weight rod which seems to work well for the large frogs you have to haul in over trees, reeds or other obstacles.

I tip the end of the line with a small 1/16th ounce jig head (color does not seem to matter). I use to tip that jig with just small odds and ends of plastics and gulp left over from the summer fishing season. However, this year I discovered Makiplastics worked awesome! We caught a significant amount of large frogs on the Maki brown and black flake Mino Head.

If you’re looking at getting your family outdoors, don’t forget about the thrill and excitement frogs bring to children. The frogs can be safely caught and released with no harm, there’s no doubt your children will cherish the memories for years to come.

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