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Fall Crappies are Starting to Setup, almost GO Time

Fall time fishing is a magic time that we anglers look forward to after a seemingly endless hot summer. Waters are cooling, the fish are starting to heavily feed for the upcoming winter and this in turn puts these fish into a bit more of predictable locations.

Once these waters get to those lower temps, 50-60 degrees and lower, the crappies start schooling together and roaming the basins of the lake for forage. Once you start fishing for these fish, you understand where they come together and stage for the coming winter season.

You shouldn’t be blind casting for these fish, as utilizing your electronics, you can simply and easily find their prime areas. While idling around, watch your electronics closely and clouds of these fish will start to appear onto the screen, set a waypoint and fish the area.

Right now our waters are still at the 70 degree mark and that still has them scattered all around and these schools are of a much smaller size. When they are in these smaller schools, staying on top of them is more of a challenge, as you can’t keep up with them depending on their direction at times.

Plenty of small fish are being found right now and it took a while to finally find some of the better fish around the 12 inch range. These fish were relating to 12 feet of water and there were a decent number of them.

With these warmer temperatures, their feeding is still off a bit, as they were only nipping at the tails of the Northland Fishing Tackle Slurpies Small-Fry. If you were able to get them to commit to the bait, very slow and tantalizing jigging, then you could hook up on them but the hook was still only on the outer lip.

The fishing will only be getting better as the weeks go by and the water temperatures start to fall. You will probably be one of the only few out there as well and many are missing out on some of the best fishing of the year. Start idling the basins of the lake and glue your eyes to your electronics and enjoy some of this awesome fall time fishing.

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