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MN Early Goose Opener

This year my hunting party and I have been watching and patterning the geese for 3 weeks now. Some days have been more challenging than others but it seemed there were a good number of birds around for the 2017 opener but definitely a lot of hunters as well, which makes things a little harder.

However, we had to just make it work.

Opening day came around finally and the birds seemed to have changed on us. We only pulled the trigger once to start off the season, but we still hung in there and found another field for day 2.

The field was holding around 200 geese on the evening before so our hopes were high. We setup our decoys and tried to blend our blinds in as best as we could with the short alfalfa.

Before the start of legal shooting time, we could hear the birds sitting on the roost, just through the woods, a few hundred yards away. The first flock came over the tree tops at around 6:20am, before we knew it we had 12 birds before 7.

We gave it another couple of hours and ended up with 20 birds for the morning hunt, and a bonus band! Overall it was a good opening weekend in the goose blind.

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