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Trolling motor Tip

Not everyone will agree with me on this but for the few who do, they understand. I live on a lake that has rocks and car size boulders all over. If you are like me, sometimes you are not looking down directly into the water when fishing.

Whether you are watching your line on your drop shot or poppin’ a frog, sometimes we get distracted. I was more than distracted when throwing my fluke the other night and didn’t notice a huge rock that decide to give my trolling motor a big hug.

This is definitely not the first time this has happened and will not be the last. But instead of potentially snapping my trolling motor, all that happened was the wood screws ripped out and I needed to re mount the trolling motor.

Yes, I do keep my trolling motor secured with wood screws and a washer if needed. Why? It’s a lot easier to replace a small piece of wood on the bow of my boat verses replacing a trolling motor.

Those who have fiberglass are stuck bolting it down and that is truly the better option. However, if you fish very shallow lakes and know you are not going to be running 50 mph across and not burning the trolling motor on 10, you will be fine.

I’ve fished in the Mississippi current with this set up in the past and never had any problems. I’ve smoked some rocks while in my fiberglass boat and those trolling motors can sure take a beating, but when it comes to the small aluminum rig, I’ll always be using screws.

Slight chance for the trolling motor to fall into the lake.. yeah I guess.. well don’t let that happen!

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